Monthly Archives: September 2014

Aspen Matthews – Fathom


Hi! This is an old drawing inspired by the WONDERFUL Michael Turner’s Fathom, featuring Aspen Matthews, really I can’t get enough of that! I think is one of my favorite characters ever! Go and read the series if you’ve never have! Michael Turner is a genius! I mean it, oh man, those details, those intricate figures, those steampunk-like constructions and machines and weapons, wonderful, I really love it…

Alice and Mad Hatter



Hi there! Today I’ve found this little drawing of “Alice in Wonderland” from the Tim Burton movie. This was coloured with felt pens and then with some digital colouring. I liked the Alice character, I mean, I love Alice from the book and every single version of her, from the Disney one to the American McGee’s version, she is so weird and shape-changing as a character, you know? And because of that I loved too the version of Tim Burton, so pale and fragile yet strong, with her costumes changing and all and that delicate look of her.

Edward Cullen & moi


Hello you guys, today we talk about… yes, about fictional crushes: here he goes: Edward Cullen! Yes, yes, I can hear you, don’t even start, yes I know. Edward Cullen? Ew!!! Well, I must admit that three years ago I went to London’s Breaking Dawn part 1 premiere just to see him and, yes, there he was, and yes, I got my picture with him, yeee!!! So, this drawing was done during those wonderful Twilight days, mh mh mh!!! 🙂 Aww come on, don’t ruin this moment! W Edward!