Monthly Archives: October 2014

Basil the Great mouse detective


One of my most faaaaaavorite Disney movies, “Basil the great mouse detective”, don’t you just LOVE Basil?? He belongs in my heart along with Dirk Gently and the real deal, Sherlock Holmes, of course. So witty and clever and brilliant, and yet so fragile and so an easily nervous-breakdown kinda guy, poor Basil! But after a moment, there! Back on the case and filled with excitment! An’ obviously balanced by his good ying-yang sidekick doctor Dawson! They’re just perfect, huh?

Glitter and be gay fan art!


Just finished this, it is inspired by the WONDERFUL actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth, singing here “Glitter and be gay”! I love her, she was the first Glinda in the broadway musical Wicked and I think she is Perfect! If you have never seen the song, here, go now and watch it, a treat! Really delightful!

Anyway, all that pink and glittering screamed “Sketch it!!!” 🙂