Monthly Archives: November 2014

Elsa’s fridge


Recently, I was looking for some granitas recipes and I was watching at some luscious pictures of crushed ice. And I found out there are tons of people who choose their fridge preferring the ones which make crushed ice. And… well, it was just the next obvious step: I believe Elsa would LOOOOVE one of those, so… πŸ™‚

Be careful what you wish for


A few days ago I was wondering about the kids in movies, those movies where the kid is in danger. I once read that to an adult, movies like “Coraline” are sensed as kind of horror movies, in a mild way, because the adult feels that the kid is in danger, while a child, watching the movie, doesn’t really see it that way, being more nonchalant. So I began to think about a little reunion between some of the famous movies kids who were thrown in a strange, threatening fantastic world and how would they discuss about it…

Lucille sur le stage


I’ve always wanted to watch this, but never had the occasion. Yesterday I discovered the beautiful song Lucille sings in the movie, “La Seine”, and immediately fell in love with her, with the song, with Francoeur… I had to draw this at once! “La Seine, la Seine, la Seine…” !!!


Aaaaand this is a video from my Youtube channel “Let her sing”; where I recorded “La Seine” avec my friend NiccolΓ² Sovilla! Check it out, if you would like it! Thanks!!!! πŸ™‚

Legally mean clueless girls


A tribute to three of my fav chick flicks, Legally blonde, Mean girls and Clueless. So here they are, a match between Elle, Cher and evil Regina, maybe arguing about bringing “fetch!” on the scene again! Who would win the argument? Bearing in mind that one is almost a lawyer, one is a lawyer’s daughter and the last one an ultra tough rough mmmmean gal! πŸ˜€