Monthly Archives: January 2015

Fine! 1


Inspired by Adam Gwon’s musical “Ordinary days“, and inspired by the performance of Santino Fontana and Jessica Hershberg, the song “Fine“!!! A couple arguing about everything going wrong during a what should have been a lovely soiree! Enjoy and thanks for watching! …FINE!!!

Jeeves & Wooster Perfect Nonsense


Hello there! Or… should I say… What ho?! I went to see this in London last year on december, a wonderful theatre play written by the Goodale brothers and starring Matthew Macfadyen as Jeeves and Stephen Mangan in the role of Bertie Wooster. I went to the premiere and it was one of the most beautiful  nights of my life! So funny, so fast paced, incredibly witty, hilarious, total Wodehouse!!!!! So I drew this picture and I sent the real deal to Stephen Mangan, at the theatre, hope he liked it! This is a digital copy of the picture! What ho what ho what ho, Bertie fans!!!