Monthly Archives: June 2015

Max & Caroline


Hi everyone! I have wanted to draw this for a loooong time, so… here it is. No, here THEY are! Max Black and Caroline Channing, from the Too much hilarious show “Two broke girls”! I love Caroline style, but I sooo like Max’s attitude!!!! And on my fictional bucket list: baking cupcakes with these two and work in their epic cupcake shop at the back of the Diner!!!!!!!!!!!

Sophie Kinsella’s couples 3 – Lara & Ed


Hello everyone! The third Sophie Kinsella’s novels’ couple is from “Twenties girl”, featuring Lara Lington and adorable Ed! This was a very peculiar novel, filled with unexpected moments, provided by Lara’s ghost aunt, flamboyant Sadie! In the end she convinces Lara that a more personalized and eccentric look may bring out the best of you, some things you already had in you, though you didn’t know. And Lara ends up loving the Twenties’ look and fashion and her charming  man does too!

Sophie Kinsella’s couples 2 – Emma & Jack


From Sophie Kinsella’s “Can you keep a secret?”, one of my FAVORITE couples, Emma Corrigan and Jack Harper! I thought that this may be a moment in the hallways of Panther Corporation, and in a moment of passion, inbetween a meeting on Panther bars and a Leopold file, they could just meet in secret and kissssssssssssss and kiss and kiss again!!!! OOOhhhh-……….. I love them!!!!

Sophie Kinsella’s couples 1 – Becky & Luke


I love Sophie Kinsella’s books and “The secret world of a shopaholic” was the first I read. So I thought I could do a portrait of Becky Bloomwood and her Luke Brandon, but then I thoght, No, I am doing ALL the couples from Kinsella’s books! This one is the first, shopaholic Becky and terrifying at first, lovable then, Luke Brandon!!!