Monthly Archives: January 2016

Becky & Jess


Hello! This is a drawing of Becky Bloomwood and her sister Jess, from Sophie Kinsella’s book “Shopaholic and sister”, one of my all time favorites!!!!!! Long lost sisters just reunited, while Becky is a complete shopping obsessed gal, Jess is more of a cheapskate girl, having had a difficult childhood where she had to work and fight for everything. She is very careful with her money, while Becky, well… She loves to SPEND!!!!!! Hope you like this one and if you ever have the opportunity, go and read the book! Obviously borrowing it from the local library, like Jess would do! …Or buying it brand new, as Becky would do?? 🙂 (Did you notice the glamoroussss Angel Bag?? 😉 )