about-me-valeHi, my name is Valentina, I live in Italy and I am a freelance illustrator and designer. I have always loved books, cartoons, movies and photograpy. I have been watching Disney cartoons since childhood, and I really love that style. Also my dad always gave me lots and lots of wonderfully illustrated books and made me appreciate the arts in general, being it classic pictures, or comic books or theatre or movies. I love comics, especially the american artists and the lovely French comicbooks artist.  I worked one year  for a company who created logos for fashion glasses in Paris. I attended comics classes and for a year I taught a drawing class in a middle school near the city I live in. I studied at the University of Multimedia Sciences and Technologies in Pordenone, Italy, which deals with graphic studies, photography and movie making. I also love theatre and I have produced and written a musical in 2006, “The Golden Lyre Opera”, also designing the scenography and costumes for it.  Two years ago I shot with a group of friends my first movie, the comedy “The Undomestic Goddess”. I partecipated to some pictures expositions with my drawings and I like to create all kind of artistic things! In the drawings you will see here I love to experiment all kinds of media, ffrom pencils, to pure raw black ink, to coloured inks, the lovely Ecoline, to watercolours and digital colouring. You will see! I like to create stories, being them funny or romantic, or dark or whatever… the important thing is to draw! I hope you will enjoy taking a look at my art and… have fun, thankyou! Watch out for the next uploadings!